Thursday, January 30, 2020

Water Resource Challenges Essay Example for Free

Water Resource Challenges Essay Irrigation allows farmers to increase the productivity of land. Food production is an important concern particularly with the ever increasing population thus it is essential that even arid and semiarid lands are utilized. This is only possible through irrigation. Unfortunately, traditional irrigation generally makes inefficient use of water. This involves flooding the land or diverting water through open channels. However, plants absorb only about 40 percent while the rest evaporates into the atmosphere or seeps into the ground. One of the most important innovations in agricultural water conservation is micro irrigation which is also called drip or trickle irrigation. Micro irrigation includes all methods of frequent water application, in small flow rates, on or below the soil surface. Water is distributed using an extensive hydraulic pipe network that conveys water from its source to the plant. Ideally, the volume of water is applied directly to the root zone in quantities that is measured in accordance to the plant’s absorption capacity. Due to the manner in which water is applied by a micro irrigation system, only a portion of the soil surface and root zone of the total field is wetted. An efficiency in irrigation is achieved that result in a significant reduction in water use and even that of fertilizers which can be conveyed through the same system. With water concentrated on the area where it is most needed, it also allows the safe use of recycled water and even water sources with high salt content without danger to the over soil productivity. However, the costs can be prohibitive thus not all are able to install such a system in the farms.

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